What is cashew?

Did you know the shape of cashew nuts, they are mostly sweets and children love to eat them as well. These nuts are “Kaju” in Hindi that is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Those are healthy for the normal function of your body.



This nut is an egg that is seen in the side of apples and in the body of Kidneys. They are widely common throughout the globe, particularly in Asian and African nations. Nuts are called large insane as they get so many nutritional benefits.

They include a high amount of proteins and several vital minerals, for example, metal, zinc, copper, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. This also includes the recipient of vitamins, for example, vitamin-C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and K.

It is a popular dry fruit that is widely consumed, all over the world. The various ways like as a stock, as an ingredient of sweet dishes, as a topping on many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. There are some nutritional facts which are given below.

Nutritional facts of cashew

Amount per 100 grams

Calories    553 | Vitamin-B6     20 %

Total fats    44 g | Magnesium     73 %

Saturated fats      8 g | Iron               37 %

Sodium           12 mg | Calcium            3 %

Potassium      660 mg | Protein           18 g

Total carbohydrate – 30 mg |

Dietary fibre       3.3 g | Sugar                      6 g

Eating nut is very beneficial for our health. Recalls of the number of healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants through Liver etc.

Health benefits of cashew.

The kidney-shaped or bean-shaped nuts have many health benefits a few of which are presented below. You eat just four cashew nuts a day you get 15 amazing health benefits are you eating them now.

Here are the top 16 health benefits of the cashew nuts.

Prevents cancer.

Proanthocyanidins are a group of flavanols can fight against tumour cells by preventing them from spreading. These Proanthocyanidins and high copper amount helps to fight the cancerous cells and keeps you away from colon cancer.

healthy heart.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI in. Its case study points out that nut is likely to be beneficial for health. It keeps a check on various ailments such as heart disease.

Cashews are low in fat when compared to other nuts and packed with iliac acid which is very healthy for the heart. Cholesterol free helps to prevent you from heart diseases.

Lowers high blood pressure.

These nuts lower your blood pressure with its content of magnesium in them. Copper deficiency can lead to iron deficiencies such as anemia.

Promote healthy hair.

Cashews are full of copper content which you needed to promote your hair colour back from grey to healthy black hair. That colour you always wished for.

Healthy bones.

Magnesium is important as calcium which is so important for bone health.

Healthy nerves.

Lacking magnesium can cause calcium to enter blood vessels. This makes them contract and can lead to high blood pressure, migraine headache and etc.

Prevents gall stone.

So eat nut daily can reduce risk of getting gall stones up to 25 percent.

Helps in weight loss.

In comparison to diet excluding the intake of nuts people consuming nuts on a moderate and regular basis decrease weight faster. It contains some fat but they are good cholesterol.

With respect to clinical studies, the evidence is nearly uniform that their inclusion in the diet leads to little or no weight gain.  Those who eat nuts sat least 2 times are we they will gain the lesser weight than those who eat less. This nut should always be eaten raw and unsalted so they are beneficial for weight loss efforts.

Antioxidants for skin.

Selenium, copper, magnesium is important as Co-factors for many enzymes helps to keep skin healthy and anti-ageing. Cashew’ oil is rich in selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Also, they are great sources of phytochemicals proteins and antioxidants.

 Promote digestion.

These nuts help to promote growth and development nucleic acid synthesis and maintain healthy digestion.

 Rich with vitamins.

These nuts are loaded with vitamins like riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamine, niacin, etc. These vitamins keep you safe from lack of red blood cell production, skin inflammation, diarrhoea and more.

 Healthy gums and teeth.

Magnesium content again is also very good for bones relatively your teeth, as well as guns, will stay healthier and strengthen.

 Help to ease and sleep.

After menopause women aged about 50. There is no more menstruation, these nut with the ability to make you good relaxed and pleasant sleep.

Molecular degeneration.

It can protect us macular degeneration by filtering the sun’s UV. Now you know the health benefits of cashew nuts that ensure you to eat at least four cashew nuts every day and pretty sure you will in love with it.

Cashew protects the eyes.

In the urban environment match with its excessive pollution, our eye softens suffer from various infections. Cashews contain a powerful antioxidant pigment called zeaxanthin.

This pigment is readily and directly absorbed by our retina says, nutritionists. Small quantities of zeaxanthin help prevent age-related macular degeneration in the elderly and hence helps maintain eye health.

Source of dietary fibers.

The two essential dietary fibres required by our body are oleic acid and palmitic acid. These fibres are not produced by our body hence they need to be consumed externally. Consumption of nuts like cashews has been related to decreased incidences of several digestive diseases.

Major side effects of eating too many nuts. It’s present in them however just like every other thing very risks and side effects of eating too many cashews nut.

Side effects of eating too much cashew nuts.

Eating the nuts in moderate quantity may help in weight management but this could turn negative when cashew nuts are consumed an excessive quantity. Cashews are a good source of energy because of their high calorific value which means someone can get a good amount of energy.

Just by eating a handful of cashew nuts, they are also a good source of man unsaturated fat which keeps our cardiovascular system healthy. Even nutritious fats can be dangerous for our body when consumed in excess quantity.

Avoid excess calories in cashew.

If you have eaten around one cup of nuts that are not at all hard task. If you are snacking directly from the bag eating around. One cup of cashews provides as much as 40% of our daily calories need on the basis of a 2,000 calories diet.

It is always advisable to eat the nuts in alimented quantity and not as movie time snack as. There is a high risk of overheating which may lead to obesity and other problems too presence of excess sodium.

The level of sodium in cashews nut is not very high; in fact. There are only 12 milligrams of sodium in 100 gram of cashews. However being a dry fruit, there are many times when cashews are served in salted form and the level of sodium. In salted cashew nuts is around 181 milligrams of sodium per ounce.

Healthy people should not eat more than 2300 milligrams of sodium per day. Those who are at risk of heart disease, should not get more than 1500 milligrams of sodium.

Although, the level of sodium in nuts, even in salted one doesn’t seem quite high. It is important to note that if one is overeating of cashews then this number can quickly add up.

If you are more concerned about taste then, it’s okay to eat salted cashews once in a while but in a limited quantity.

It is not common to find raw or in-shell cashews at the store but even if you do then. It’s best to stay away from the man give reference to commercially prepared cashew nuts. This is because raw cashews are related to poisonous and oils present in the cashew shells which can cause an itching and unpleasant reactions on our skin.

Salted cashew nuts.

Commercially prepared cashew nuts are safe for eating because they are de-shelled and roasted at a high temperature. This destroys any lingering toxic oils and make them perfectly safe for eating or may destroy the balance of other food material seating. Cashew nuts are good for our health because of the number of nutrients present in them.

It is better to eat cashew nuts in a limited quantity. As per the recommendation of the US Department of Agriculture’s millet guidelines, it is better to keep the high protein intakes light nuts beans. As per a study published in December 2013 edition of the journal allergy allergies associated with cashews a risking day by day.

However, there is also some risk associated with magnesium and one such risk is their ability to interfere with a number of drugs as per the University of Maryland Medical Center notes. It was found that a number of drugs interact with magnesium which is present in cashews and high level and disturbs. The effect of those drugs antibiotics like ciprofloxacin and magnesium bind together.

It may prevent adequate absorption of antibiotics, magnesium may even interact with blood pressure medications and calcium channel blockers and increase the risk of side effects associated with these. Medications and cause nausea and water can even react with diabetic’s medication, thyroid medications, diuretics and penicillamineso.

If you are on any kind of medication like diabetics medication, antibiotics medication, thyroid medications etc. it is better to first talk to your doctor about the same and lead nuts as per the recommendation of a doctor

Beating too many salted cashew nuts may increase the blood pressure level of our body and give rise to hypertension and other health problems. It is better to eat and salted cashew nuts and say no to salted cashew nuts. If you still want to eat salted cashew nuts then eat them only once in a while or two in moderate.

cashew nuts are not so high in comparison to salted nuts but still, it is better to eat even the unsalted.

you can find more health beneficial fruits and veggies. You can also find more nuts to make your fit health. Please comment if something were missed in this article.

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